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Value of Legacy to Relatives

Along with the parents, family members also have a hard time coping with the loss of a loved one. Grandparents grieve for the loss of a grandchild and children grieve for the loss of a sibling. Aunts and uncles aren’t immune either. We all grieve when a loved one dies. But there aren't too many things positive we can do commemorate the life – until now through the Teddy Bear Legacy.

Several of the grandparents and aunts and uncles involved in a Teddy Bear Legacy have come back year after year to commemorate the child’s life on the date of their birth or death. It helps them remember the good times. It gives them a little mental hug when they contribute a few more teddy bears to children in the hospital who need help coping with their own struggles.

Here are a few remarks from relatives of Teddy Bear Legacy children.

"Hi Donna
Hope you also had a wonderful holiday.  Knowing the teddy bears are giving a sick child comfort helps so much with the loss of our little Megan. I plan to continue to send them in her name."
Pat Bobrowicz
Megan's Grandmother
Los Alamos, NM

"Donna, I just placed an order to donate two sets of bears to children at UNM Children's Hospital. What a wonderful gift of caring you provide to these very special children, you are a God send!!! Thank you so much."
Katherine Morgan
Albuquerque, NM 


"Donna, Thank you so much for your very kind, and prompt, response. I truly appreciate it. I truly applaud what you are doing. After being with my friend during her daughter's heartbreaking illness, I know that the donations of teddy bears that you all provide make a very big difference. God bless you and your team! I have put a link to your web site on my Facebook page and hope that others will donate bears as well. Thanks and all the best to you and your organization!"
Kristi Lawrence
Albuquerque, NM