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Value of Legacy to Parents

 The First Teddy Bear Legacy Parents –
Heather & Jeremy Putman, Fairfax, VA

Heather contacted MamaBearsPlace looking for a way to create a legacy for her son, James, delivered stillborn. She said that watching the beautiful flowers die that people had sent her was just a painful reminder of their loss. They wanted others to do something instead that could help other children.

MamaBearsPlace provided a means for them to donate teddy bears and create a legacy. Over the next month, 30 teddy bears were donated in her son’s name to children in Washington DC's Children's National Medical Center. James' parents were very thankful to process their grief in such a positive way.


In fact, they even mentioned MamaBearsPlace in their Christmas letter and they sent me a copy. Here is an excerpt of what they said:

"And we celebrated Thanksgiving, even though we were still grieving, as our opportunity to express thanks for all of the wonderful people in our lives. We are also thankful to the founder of Mama Bears who has set up a special link on her website to have Gund toys donated to the National Children's Medical Center, a Children's Miracle Network hospital, in James' name. Thus far, 30 children have received bears due to the generosity of family and friends. Through these donations, we are grateful to have the opportunity to create a legacy for him."


Here is the way the Putman's put the Legacy into their son's obituary which was carried in the Washington Post:

"Those interested in making a donation in memory of James are requested to donate a Gund stuffed animal to a child in the hospital via www.MamaBearsPlace.com. The family hopes to share the love and joy that James brought to them with children and families receiving care through the
Children's Miracle Network. 'There is no foot so small that it cannot leave an imprint on the world.' Anonymous."

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