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7 Reasons To Give a Teddy Bear


A cuddly teddy bear is the perfect gift for your friend or a loved one ~ 
especially when they know that a twin bear is being sent 
to comfort a child in the hospital.


 7 Reasons to Give a Teddy Bear

Get Well Soon
 As "Bear Therapy" to provide comfort to a friend or loved one
recovering from an illness or surgery 
- helpful for all ages.

Birthdays - all ages
Teddy Bears are always the right size to cuddle
and amuse and the love they share is unconditional.

Say Thank You to Someone
Caring and sharing is important in relationships.
Let a pair of our bears express your gratitude as they share themselves.

Thinking of You
Teddies never get hungry or say the wrong thing.
Their destiny is simple - to be a friend and make each day better.

Just for Fun
Put a smile on someone's face, especially when they read
that a twin bear went to put a smile on the face of a child in the hospital.

Condolences Gift for a Child
Our teddies are very good at helping a child cope with loss.
They are selected to be the softest, cuddliest teddies around.

Baby Shower
The little rattle inside little Winky Lamb is a super
comfort to new babies, as well as new moms.

Choose the teddy bear
you want to send



Do you have grandchildren who live in another city?

That makes it hard, doesn't it?
What can you send that reminds them of you every day - something they'll love?

See what makes our teddy bear gifts so special.

*Note: the video says you can choose which hospital the twin bear goes to - but that is no longer true.
All the donated bears go to comfort children in UNM Children's Hospital in Albuquerque, NM.

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