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What if I have MORE THAN ONE friend or loved one I want to send a cuddly teddy bear to? What can I do?
I designed the Check Out form so you can purchase up to three Pairs of Bears (if you want) and tell us exactly who and where to send each one - step by step. Just follow the prompts during checkout. Remember - at least one bear in each Pair of Bears will go to comfort a child in the hospital.

If I buy a teddy bear for my loved one and one also goes to a child in the hospital, how do either recipient know where the teddy bear came from?
Excellent question. The teddy that we send to your friend or loved one witll have a gift tag attached to it that is customized with your message. In addition, each teddy has a paper heart on a yarn necklace that tells them about the second bear.

What if I want to donate all the bears I purchase? What should I do?
It’s easy and the children will really appreciate your generosity. Question #1 on the checkout form asks “Tell us what you want to do.” The last choice is “Donate all the bears”. Just click that box and NO shipping will be added. Shipping is free.
How can you offer FREE SHIPPING on the bears that go to the hospital?
That’s an easy one. I don’t charge for shipping the donated bears because I deliver them personally to UNMCH, just 15 miles away.
What if I want to donate one or more of the bears to a hospital in another state? Can I do that?
No, I’m sorry. I offered that option for a while and most found it was just too confusing and too expensive. A number of my customers have told me they didn’t actually care which hospital got the bears. What was important was that they went to children who needed a cuddly friend to help them through their struggles.
How do you handle shipping charges for the bear(s) I send to my loved ones?
Any and all of your gift bears will be sent via USPS Priority Mail. I charge $6.95 to ship each bear, no matter where you are having it sent.  Those charges will be added to your order during checkout, when you answer Question #1.
What should I do if I experience a problem with the shopping cart during checkout?
If it is between 9AM – 9PM Mountain time, you can text me your question at 505-307-2906. I say that because I have voice issues and it is hard to understand me talking on my cell phone . . . but I’m very clear in a text! Or you can send me an email by using the Contact link on the website.
Can I cancel my order at any time?
Yes, just contact me by email or text me at 505-307-2906. As long as the teddy bear has not yet been shipped, a full refund will be made to you, with no questions asked.
I would like to submit some comments and suggestions to you. How do I do that?
I love comments and suggestions! Please email me through the Contact Us link. And thank you for taking the time to help us help our customers. You are very important to me.
I’m concerned with the privacy of my information. Do you share my info with anyone?
No. I do not share your information with any third party, ever. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.