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Donate Bears to Children
Small gesture, big impact:

 Little things we do for others mean a lot

Help children in the hospital feel better by giving 
cuddly GUND teddy bears
to comfort them in the hospital
and be their friend when they go home.

Little acts of kindness like this make a HUGE DIFFERENCE to the children and will put a smile on YOUR FACE as well.

Click the video below to hear what Julia Grimes, immediate past Child Life Director for UNM Children's Hospital, has to say about the benefits our donors of giving cuddly soft GUND teddy bears to the children in her care

"We see kids who are in dire need of having something to hold and comfort them and these bears are the answer."
"Kids come down (to Child Life) who’ve gotten a bear and they’re hugging it, it’s on their IV pole, it’s sitting in their wheelchair . . . it’s part of who they are in that setting."
"The GUND bears are soft, got incredible faces and they’re safe. There’s not a part on here a child could (pull off). So well made and that’s what I worry about with some of the other ones that we see - that a kid could choke on a piece that would come off a bear. They’re just quality – well-made, really well-made."
"The bears are beautiful and they’re quality. If I want to give anything to our patients - this is what I want to give."

All teddy bear donations are given to children in the
 University of New Mexico Children's Hospital in Albuquerque, New Mexico