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Donna J Luke

What do you do?
I bring joy and comfort to children and adults across the country - through teddy bears. I help people send an adorable, cuddly teddy bear to a friend or loved one AND send an identical twin bear to comfort a hospitalized child. One gift warms TWO hearts.

When did you start the business and why?
I started my business in October of 2008. I love teddy bears that have just the right look on their faces and the right "huggability" factor. They draw me to them no matter where I am. As a kid I always enjoyed my dolls and stuffed animals. We'd have private conversations and planning sessions down at the bottom of my bed - under the covers. They were my friends and a great comfort to me. 
When I started my online business I wanted to help bring that same feeling of comfort and joy to others who may have either forgotten it or never had it. I realized that having the customer buy two of the same teddy bear was unique and decided that the second one should be sent to a child in the hospital.
Great - Gifts that make a difference! 

What hospital do the teddy bears go to?
All the teddy bears will go to comfort children in University of New Mexico Children’s Hospital (UNMCH). It is our state’s only Children’s Miracle Network Hospital and also a trauma center for a five state area. As a result UNMCH takes care of over 60,000 children each year. For more information CLICK HERE.

Do you offer any other services besides giving teddy bears as gifts?
Yes, I do. At the request of a parent whose son was stillborn, I created a way for parents to help cope with the grief of losing a child by giving relatives and friends a way to donate teddy bears to children in the hospital in the name of the child who died. It’s called the Teddy Bear Legacy and it helps not only the children in the hospital feel better, but also those who are donating the teddy bears – a donation that makes a difference. For more information on the Teddy Bear Legacy, visit our Teddy Bear Legacy page.

Any other services you provide?
Yes, I recently included a section which allows customers to purchase and donate teddy bears in the name of someone else. I send a special customized card to the friend or loved one which shows them which stuffed animal was sent to children in the hospital - in their name - and why that gift is importamt. The customer incudes their personalized message on the card.

What makes you unique?
I think the fact that customers have to buy two of the same item is unique - plus the fact that at least one of those bears must go to a child in the hospital.
I love it - Caring and Sharing!

As MamaBearsPlace grows, how marvelous it is to put thousands of smiles on thousands of faces across the country. Everybody wins!

Our Vision
To have a teddy bear in the arms of every person in the country who needs a hug.

Our Mission

To bring joy and comfort to people across the country - through teddy bears. We help people send an adorable, cuddly teddy bear to a friend or loved one AND send an identical twin bear to comfort a hospitalized child. One gift warms TWO hearts.

Our Company Commitment

We are committed to making sure your experience with us joyful.
We've tried to create a simple-to-navigate environment with easy shipping and handling procedures.
We'll take the time to answer every question individually, and follow-up on all matters quickly.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our GUND teddy bears will put a smile on the face of whoever receives it - or your money back.     

Contact Me
I encourage you to contact me with your questions and comments. But frankly I have some issues with my voice. So our communication will be much better if you either use the Contact form on this website or text me at 505-307-2906. Be sure to type your name into the text. Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you.

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