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What is a Legacy?

The dictionary defines Legacy two ways.

1.    As a gift or an inheritance that is handed down from one person to another -something received from an ancestor or predecessor. It’s the material things you leave behind for others to hold on to and remember you by.

2.    The second defines the legacy you leave as the life you lived and how you interacted with others . . . your spirit, your essence, what you valued, what you gave of yourself and shared with others.

Your loved one's legacy to the family and friends is the totality of his/her being – the smiles and giggles, the joy, the love your loved one radiated to everyone.

The teddy bears aren't the legacy, of course. They are a physical manifestation of your loved one's legacy of joy and love.

The Teddy Bear Legacy combines both parts of the definition in the best way. It allows for physically handing down teddy bears to children in the hospital in the name of your child and the teddy bears represent the loving and nurturing essence of your child –offering hugs and smiles and comfort for months and years to come.

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