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New Book on Parental Grief

Donna J Luke is owner and creator of the
Teddy Bear Legacy and MamaBearsPlace.

You can read more about her in the
About section.


The loss of a child is like no other loss. We know eventually we will lose our parents and with them goes part of our past. But to lose a child is to lose our future – as we dreamed it would be.
If you are a bereaved parent, this book will show you some updated choices and opportunities available to help you deal with your grief during the first two years. It includes stories from bereaved parents on what worked for them and what didn’t.  And since I’m not a psychologist or social worker myself, I’ve included ideas from well-respected experts in the field of grief, who’ve permitted me to reproduce selected articles to inspire you. Then there is my research on additional THINGS YOU CAN DO to help cope with the grief during the first two years.
You’ll learn about:

  • Planning the Funeral and Writing the Obituary
  • Grieving and Online Support
  • Interacting with Family and Friends
  • Connecting with a Support Group in Your Area
  • Creating an Online Memorial for Your Child
  • Handling Milestone Dates and Holidays

Donna J Luke comes to this subject from a unique position. She has helped a number of parents who have lost a child cope with their grief through her www.TeddyBearLegacy.com website. The parents can register for the “Legacy” so they and their friends and family can donate cuddly teddy bears to children in the hospital - in the name of their child. The teddy bears represent the joy and love their child radiated to everyone and now that legacy can be passed to children in the hospital who need extra comfort. Both those who give and those who receive feel better once this legacy is shared.
The book is available on Amazon.com