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Thank you so much for joining our family of caring members who enjoy sharing the comfort of teddy bears with others!
You have a Level 3 Annual Membership which gives you two special benefits:
Number 1A 20% discount on every order you place during the next 12 months.

To take advantage of your 20% discount, use the code - LovingThree - during checkout. It will be effective for the whole year. 

(Note: when typing the code, capitals don't matter, but spaces do! Don't use any spaces or it won't work.)
Number 2SIX (6) plush Teddy Bears will be sent to a child in the hospital in your name. One sent every other month.

You may choose your first plush teddy bear to send to a child in the hospital NOW or whenever is a good time for you. Go to the Pair of Bears page anytime and decide which stuffed animal you want sent. Then let me know by using the Contact Us on the website or just email me at donna@mamabearsplace.com.

NOTE: You can also make more of your choices now. Just let me know which stuffed animals you've decided on.

Print this page or you can find it again at www.mamabearsplace.com/LevelTHREE (capitals matter)