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Funeral Directors
Welcome to MamaBearsPlace!

by giving them a cuddly GUND teddy bear for comfort. 
Watch the video below to hear what Julia Grimes, Child Life Director for UNM Children's Hospital in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has to say about the benefits of giving cuddly soft GUND teddy bears to the children in her care.        
"We see kids who are in dire need of having something to hold and comfort them and these bears are the answer."
"The GUND bears are soft, got incredible faces and they’re safe. There’s not a part on here a child could (pull off). So well made and that’s what I worry about with some of the other ones that we see - that a kid could choke on a piece that would come off a bear. They’re just quality – well-made, really well-made."
"The bears are beautiful and they’re quality. If I want to give anything to our patients - this is what I want to give."

7 Reasons to Purchase Teddy Bears from MamaBearsPlace -

  1. I created MamaBearsPlace in 2008 and I am the sole proprietor.
  2. I love the comfort that teddy bears bring to whoever receives them and my mission is to share that comfort with as many children as possible across the nation.
  3. I take purchase orders or secure payment can be made via PayPal.
  4. There is no minimum order quantity.
  5. Each bear is shipped individually wrapped in a new clear bag with a twist tie at the top to keep the bear clean and fresh for the children.
  6. I offer Funeral Directors a 20% discount off the individual bear price shown on this website.
  7. Every stuffed animal on this site comes from GUND, a 117 year old company known for their quality and huggability.

How does the program work? It's easy.
  1. Open up the Funeral Directors Form by clicking the button below. The Form shows the image, height, website price and your discounted price for each stuffed animal.
  2. Click the link at the top of the form to see larger images and detailed descriptions of each stuffed animal. To get back to the FORM, click the Funeral Directors tab at the top of the screen and then the FORM button.
  3. Type in the quantity of each animal you would like and fill in your ship to address and contact information.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. I will email you back a quote for the shipping costs for your order. 
  6. Once we finalize your order via email, you will be able to pay securely on this site with a credit/debit card or through your bank via a PayPal button I code specifically for you. (A PayPal account is not required.)
  7. Your delivery date will depend on the size of your order. Smaller orders will ship within one week. Larger orders may take up to three weeks.

This program is intended for the exclusive use of Funeral Directors for the benefit of the children in the families they serve.

Please don't get confused by the rest of my MamaBearsPlace website. It is a gift-giving business and separate from the Funeral Directors program, but we do share the same products.  Teddy Bears are also a passion of mine in helping families cope with the grief of having lost a young child of their own. Please visit my TeddyBearLegacy.com website to see how the program works. 
 I have voice issues, so email is my preferred method of contact.
Feel free to send me any questions at