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FAQs for the Teddy Bear Legacy

What is the purpose of the Teddy Bear Legacy?
To help the parents, relatives and friends cope with the grief of losing a child by sending cuddly teddy bears to children in the hospital in the name of the child who died.

So the Teddy Bear Legacy has a dual benefit. It offers a meaningful and worthwhile project the family and friends can participate in. Sometimes the relatives and friends don’t know what to say or how they can help, but they’d like to DO SOMETHING. The Teddy Bear Legacy gives them a way to show they care. And it provides cuddly teddy bears to children in the hospital to help them cope with own their daily struggles.

Who can use the Teddy Bear Legacy?
Anyone who has lost a child can set up a Teddy Bear Legacy and the child’s age isn’t a factor. Typically, it will be the parents who register for the Legacy, but a close friend or relative could fill out the form if the parents aren’t in a position to do it.

Can we include a link to the Teddy Bear Legacy in the obituary?
Yes, that is the most efficient way to let people know that your child’s Teddy Bear Legacy is an option in lieu of flowers or sending money to a charity.

What if the obituary has already been published? Can I still set up a Teddy Bear Legacy?
Sure you can. The setup process is the same. The difference is that whoever registers for the Legacy will need to let their friends and relatives know about the Legacy themselves, through emails, texts, and social media – otherwise, no one will know to come MamaBearsPlace.com and donate teddy bears in your child’s name.

What hospital the teddy bears will go to?
All the teddy bears will go to children in UNM (University of New Mexico) Children’s Hospital in Albuquerque, NM. You can see more about the hospital HERE.

Will my friends and relatives have to pay shipping charges in addition to the cost of the bears?
No, there are NO shipping charges – because I drive the bears to the hospital myself.

Where do I register for the Teddy Bear Legacy?
Click this link for the registration form.

How long does it take to set up the Teddy Bear Legacy and how will I know when it is ready?
As soon as I receive your Registration Form, I will get to work setting it up. You should hear back from me by the next day (or two days at the most) via email or text.

How will I know who makes a donation to the Teddy Bear Legacy?
I will let you know weekly for the first 3 months and then monthly thereafter.

How long will the Teddy Bear Legacy be available to us through this website?
The link will remain active for many years. Family and friends may want to contribute later on to celebrate a child’s birthday or honor the day their child died. You would be notified if anything changed.

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